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September 7 (day 1) The Crown Fair Show

September 7 (day 1) The Crown Fair Show

This is for the Crown show for one day.  You will get a flyer that shows that you will be attending the September 7 portion of the show.  With your purchase, you will also get two passes to go inside the fair.  This portion of the show starts at 3 pm and ends at 9.  You will be competing in the lights and sound competition.  You will not be entered into the main event unless you come to the Sunday portion of the show.  All trophies for this event will be awarded after judging is complete. 

  • Big show ticket

    This is a 2 day outside show. Each day will be a $50 charge unless you purchase the complete show pass. There will be limited spots available and this is a rain or shine event.

    Saturday September 7 will start at 5pm and will end at 9pm. Those that come this day will be judged on their lighting and sound. We may have other aspects to judge this evening event as well. Passes to inside the fair will also be handed out.

    Sunday will be the main event.

    No refunds.

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