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to The Clash of Titans Car and Truck Shows

We will have 4 shows for the upcoming season along with merchandise to purchase on our website.  You can register for any show that is listed now. 

Car AC

Car and Truck Show Rules
Please Read!

The Battle Ground Car Truck and Bike Show will be held outdoors on April 20, 2024 from 11-5.  All participants that want to be judged will be $20!  Read More For The Rules The Show!

We will accept entries until 3 pm for judging.  Any late entries (After 3 p.m.) may be charged an additional fee. 

If you are in a club, make sure all club members have paid their fees and they have their acceptance email with their flier prior to entering the show. Clubs are asked to roll in together to make setting up easier inside. We will do our best to make sure clubs are parked with each other.  There will be NO Club Fee for this show!

If you would like to be a featured vehicle/VIP vehicle, you will have to be approved and once approved, pay an additional $20!!!


Make sure to keep your flyer picture.  That is what will be used for entry to the show.  The picture shows your VIP or General  status! You will get the flyer picture once you’ve paid. 

Respect each others vehicles (enough space will be provided for set up).

When leaving the show, no burnouts or horseplay. 

Please respect the parking lot and the areas within. Please pick up your trash as well. 


No illegal substances or alcoholic beverages. 


If caught breaking any of these rules,  we reserve the right to having the owner removed from the show and the vehicle towed at the owners expense if necessary.  (We don’t expect this to happen, we have great participants!)
We want the show to be fun for everyone.  


We have to list these rules per county guidelines. 

We will be fair on judging and though we wish we can give everyone a trophy, we know there may be some that don’t receive one. The list of awards will be posted on the COT car and Truck social media pages in June. 

Once we receive payment, you will be officially entered into the show.  


***Remember, you are not registered for the show until payment is received.  The VIP spots will fill up fast and you may lose your spot without payment.***


You will receive a flyer with your vehicle on the flyer as your entrance ticket. Don’t forget to post up your acceptance picture on your social media pages and help us make this an amazing show!

Clash of Titans LLC

We are a Car and Truck Show Organizer that will be starting to sell products for your modification needs.  Stay Tuned for updates.  

To Register for a Show we are hosting, make sure to click on one of the above tickets. 

All Sales are Final. No Refunds, Rainchecks, Exchanges

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